Friday, September 18, 2009


I love the girly aprons that have come into style over the last couple of years but I don't usually love the fabrics that other people have chosen to make them. So I started making my own! Anyone would love to cook in one of these.

Meet "the Shelley".
"the Emily"
"the Alison"
"the Megan"
"the Krista"
"the Nicole"

I can customize anything to your liking. Fabrics may vary though depending on availability.


  1. Your aprons are so cute! How much are they? Am I just a dork and missed the price listing?

  2. No I forgot to post the prices. They run anywhere from $45-$55 for the full ones and $30-$35 for the half ones.

  3. Hey girl! I LOVE Them! So cute! You are very talented! Can I put your blog on my Simple Treasures Blog???